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Combined with the rich culinary traditions of Vietnam
Lúa Eatery invites you to experience the tantalizing symphony of flavors and spices from our carefully curated culinary traditions, seamlessly blending the rich heritage of France and the vibrant essence of Vietnam.
Thank you for creating lasting memories with us.
chef Khang

CHEF Khang Nguyen

A true maestro in the kitchen, Khang’s passion for blending flavors and exploring new culinary boundaries is truly unmatched. As the visionary behind our delectable menu, Khang’s dedication to sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients will undoubtedly elevate the dining experience for our guests.
Quality is at heart of everything we do

Food Philosophy

At LÚA Eatery, we’re obsessed with fresh, high-quality ingredients. From daily-made flat Pho noodles to vibrant seasonal vegetables, we craft each dish with the utmost care.

But our passion extends beyond Vietnamese cuisine. We draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of Asian flavors, weaving them into our creations. This influence is evident in our unique dishes, like the smoky depth of our Pho with a 12h sous vide short rib, the comforting embrace of Japanese-inspired Garlic Butter Noodles with a marinated egg, or the sizzling French flair of our Bo Kho Sizzling Plate.

We believe this fusion of flavors isn’t just delicious, it elevates the Vietnamese culinary experience. It adds depth and complexity while staying true to our Vietnamese roots. So, come explore the world through a Vietnamese lens at LÚA Eatery.

Nathan Pellini
Nathan Pellini
Very friendly and helpful staff. Pho was delicious.
Jordan Woods
Jordan Woods
Excellent food, attentive service. Highly recommended
Emmeline Saavedra
Emmeline Saavedra
Great service - excellent! Great food as well. Place is super clean and classy. Smoked rib pho is super yummy...thank you, Eva and team for making our experience topnotch
2xHD Fusion
2xHD Fusion
We had a delicious meal at Lua We were served by the owners and they had great details to share about theirs receipe . It’s really a new fusion Viet cuisine but the taste is authentic and so tasteful. We will be back definitely.
Conrad Williams Sr
Conrad Williams Sr
We had the crispy egg rolls, vermicelli salad with pork belly, the hainan chicken rice and the smoked pho. Everything tasted amazing! Very relaxing; clean and friendly atmosphere. The manager, owner and staff made sure that we enjoyed a delicious meal. Excellent food and service!


Alcoholic Drink Menu

Corkage fee for outside wine is $20

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11:30am – 8:30pm

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