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Pho short-rib

The Authentic Pho Noodle

While many American Pho experiences center around thin, chewy noodles, this isn’t quite the traditional approach in Vietnam. Those noodles are better suited for dishes like Hu Tiu, often served with pork and seafood broth.

Here in the US, the thin noodles are favored for their practicality – they’re dry, inexpensive, and have a longer shelf life. However, they lack the key characteristic of a truly great Pho noodle: the ability to soak up the flavorful broth.

In Vietnam, fresh Pho noodles are the star of the show. Made daily and delivered to restaurants, these fresh noodles are typically flat, offering a slight chew and a slippery texture. Imagine them as sponges for the delicious Pho broth, enhancing the experience with every bite.

While they may resemble stir-fry noodles visually, the texture and chewiness are distinct. At LÚA Eatery, we prioritize authenticity. We only use fresh Pho noodles, allowing you to savor the traditional way of enjoying Pho and setting us apart from the crowd.

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